Friday, June 17, 2005

5 Natural Anxiety-Busters

Q: What natural relaxers can I take to cope with stress better? A: First, you may want to look at your diet to see if it is too high in refined sugar and carbohydrates. Eliminating refined sugar, white flour, and other highly processed foods from the diet can help the body regulate insulin. This is important because when the body's blood sugar falls, adrenaline is released to compensate, which in turn, can induce the symptoms of anxiety. Eating smaller, more frequent meals containing a variety of protein and vegetables is a wiser choice, as is staying away from caffeine. Some natural supplements that are known to have a calming effect are niacinimide and injectable vitamin B12. Both need to be used under a doctor's supervision in order to have dosages and responsiveness closely monitored. The herbs kava and St. John's wort can also help alleviate stress and anxiety.


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